martes, 1 de enero de 2013

I didn’t know it, Cliff - Metallitale

Mark Thomas Martinelli arrived to his room, closed the door and cried out. He thought that now was the time to clean up his declined honour.

Some years ago, when he wasn’t aware of the musical movement that was starting in San Francisco, he and his cousin Vinny have stolen some stuff from a kombi. Vinny took most of the appliances. He just kept an Alembic Spoiler black bass, the one that standing on the corner, seems to claim his behaviour.

—I didn’t know, Cliff —Mark muttered while the instrumental version of the deceased Cliff Barton’s «Orion» was coming out of the speakers.

He approached the instrument and patted the tuning pegs the ones that he cleaned up daily. As he already knew it, they were clean, no dust at all and his hand went through it, as rolling on ice.

—Damned fucking Vinny —he said while he clenched his fist—. I wish you burn in hell.

A few weeks later of the kombi break in, Vinny died. It was during a jewellery assault on Mission Street. Mark then, decided to keep himself busy in other businesses. He finished his secondary studies at Gateway High School. He has already finished high school when he started working in his neighbour Phil Doherty’s car service. There, among other things, he learned to appreciate, the one that will be later his favourite band, Metallica

Mark with long hair and wearing ripped pale blue jeans, became so obsessed with the band that he was in all the band’s concerts held in San Francisco. He knew about Cliff Burton’s death, during his normal roster shift at the car service station. Burton has died in the gelid Scandinavia . Mark still remembered the last concert in San Francisco. He has been opposite Cliff, so close that he when cliff shook his long hair he could have felt the Cliff’ sweat «Should have died Lars» he muttered and laughed without care. Mark was mourning Cliff sadly.

One afternoon he collected all the fanzines and magazines that talk about his deceased hero. At the beginning Phil Doherty was touched by the pain of his apprentice, pal and party partner. Later on the pity was replaced by fury. Mark wasn’t working like before, he was always late to work and he just read again and again the magazines while the Master of Puppets album was played on and on.

—Stop acting like a weirdo Mark —Phil said once, while poking Mark’ shoulder— If you don’t stop this, I will kick you out from here.

Mark, far from listening, raised his head. His messy hair fell all over his face. Among it, a panic expression could have be seen on his vaguely noticeable face.

—Shit, I robbed him —called out and rushed away of the service while holding a wrinkled magazine between his fingers.

That is how he arrived home. Standing close to black bass, the one that once he and Vinny robbed without knowing was Barton’. He said himself that giving it back to Cliff family was the best thing to do. He made a couple of calls, contacted a fanzine writer. Mark without mention the bass, told the writer «I got valuable information concerning Metallica», hanging up he went out. Before closing the door, Mark gave a last look to the musical instrument, carefully place next to his bed.

October, 27 1986, a month later from Cliff Burton death, Mark Thomas Martinelli cross the street with bid steps, decided to return the bass, the same that long ago he stolen from the deceased bass player. However, without reaching the sidewalk, Mark was hit by a psychedelic hippie coloured painted kombi. The hippies run to help the wounded, but they just saw him dying while was babbling something like:

«I didn’t know it Cliff, I didn’t».

Cliff Burton's Alembic Spoiled bass (see pictures) was stolen and never found.